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A Dunmanian whose passion lies in the Literature and the Arts, complete with imagination, passion, and dreams. Perfection is flawless, but as such becomes a tad too extreme. Anything on paper becomes scribbles or random sketches, at times legible, at times incomprehensible. Inspired by everything classic, period. Classical melodies, lyrics and movies, are the loves. Wishes that Elizabeth Bennett existed beyond bountiful Pemberly. Only true existence in representative reality is in the form of Keira Knightley. Eternity lies within urbanisation, but secretly yearns for seclusion within a large land of endless valleys and blue streams. Vanilla and white are instant appeals, complementing in colour and taste. Vision often melts into alizarin crimson and cerulean blue. Completely disillusioned and whimsical, but does not in any way resemble Alice.

tangerine orange, coral pink, chinese white
pride and prejudice, titanic, kung fu hustle, beauty and the beast, finding nemo, memoirs of a geisha
keira knightley, leonardo dicaprio, kate winslet,
alicia keys, britney spears, celine dion, leona lewis
canned peaches, dark chocolate, salmon, sushi, roti prata, vanilla ice cream, udon, pasta, moochi, swiss cheese
roger federer, lily cole,

That's all you'll ever know.

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# I was born prematured. A baby of 6 months. 1kg+. I was so small my grandma fainted.

# A pile of books dropped on the floor one night. I thought the AIRCON dropped.

# My most vivid memory of a ghost was when I was 4. I woke up one night and saw a young lady, with a slight greenish glow, floating a few inches over my bed dressed in old fashioned Europen frills staring at me. And I cannot scream or move. Like I was pinned to the bed.

# I once thought 1, 3, 5, ... were EVEN numbers. While 2,4,6....were ODD numbers.

# I poured water on a cup with the cover closed. it was stupid XD

# My hair WAS infested by parasites (fleas or ticks or whatever). EWWWwwwwww

# I was shaved totally bald as a toddler. People can't differentiate if I'm girl or boy ._.

# On a trip to Switzerland, I managed to scare a donkey that it ran away in fright ><

# My first attempt at drawing was to draw a Tornado-like whirl on my Health Booklet when I was a 1 year old. It ruined the page ):

# I am strangely NOT fond of peanuts.

# ...and strangely fond of Vanilla

# I started playing the computer since...6?

# When the TV has no shows on, it will have music (that was last time) and I would dance ballet. LOL. By the way, my brother was the only boy in the Ballet class (5 years old)

# I memorised the whole Buddha Karma once. I don't know why. I've forgotten it now.

# I used to practise piano for like almost 3 hours. Now. Quit le ):

# I am a @#&%($& at sports :D

# I went to Taiwan (Primary 5) and while exploring the back of a mall, I saw the Twins pop group taking a photoshot in a quiet area without anybody else. One of them "cheeesed" at me. LOL. because i was a cute little 8-year old? - that was before one of the "twins" got into the Edison Chen scandal. niaoniaodiao..